Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Each subsidiary and group is responsible for the development and implementation of their own policy to restore and preserve the environment. Each policy must include meeting regulatory standards as a minimum. When appropriate, individual units should establish and comply with standards that go beyond legal mandates. In addition, each policy should include the following elements where appropriate.

Differentiate our products from competition by designing environmental benefits and attributes into our products and services.

Processes & Facilities
Substitute greener processes wherever practical.
Revitalize sites requiring environmental remediation.
Develop emergency plans to handle environmental emergencies.

Demonstrate cost leadership by the pursuit of reduced waste.
Reduce the use of materials of environmental concern.
Reduce and reuse packaging and shipping materials.
Recycle where possible.

Develop ways to conserve water and save energy.

Individual Involvement
Each employee has a responsibility in ensuring that our products and operations meet applicable government or unit standards, whichever are more stringent.