Acquisition Criteria

Acquisition Criteria

Koch Enterprises is a closely-held, family-owned holding company that manages a diversified portfolio of companies with low debt and exceptional financial stability. We are always looking for great companies to add to our holdings. We have particular interest in the following business segments:

Platform Business Interests

  • Process Machinery and Equipment
  • Highly Engineered Products
  • Specialized Materials and Chemicals
  • Value Added Distribution
  • Environmental and Infrastructure Services

Bolt-On Business Interests

  • Coatings Equipment Manufacturing
  • HVAC Parts and Supplies Distribution (Midwest US)
  • Integrated Electronic Solutions and Services
  • Aluminum Smelting and Metals Recycling

Deal Structure

Minimum 10% Return on Investment after Tax
$5 - $50 Million of Equity Capital
100% Ownership

Company Attributes

Revenues $15 Million to $100 Million
EBITDA of at Least $2 Million
Committed Management Team
Niche Market Leader
Businesses in a Growing Market
Significant Barriers to Entry Preferred
Midwest US Locations Preferred


Contact: Kevin Koch | Phone (812) 465-9630